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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Debra Barone (Patricia Heaton)

The nagging wife of Ray Barone, Debra grew up in Connecticut to loving, caring, and rich parents Warren and Lois, who have traveled all around the world since Debra left them. When Debra Barone met Carrie Heffernan, from another CBS hit, The King of Queens, it made for an interesting King of Queens episode and Debra quickly found a reason to become upset with Ray after noticing Carrie was upset with her husband, Doug Heffernan.

After learning she was pregnant with twins, Debra brought up the issue that she and Ray would need to move in a bigger home, as they would now have three children. Once Ray's parents learned of this, Frank showed the married couple a nice home across the street from two lovely neighbors, who just happened to be Marie and Frank themselves. Ray at first didn't want to buy the home, but Debra convinced him and they soon realized what a living hell they would be in.

Debra often gossips about Ray's family behind their backs because of all their annoying quirks. She mostly gossips about Marie who gives her the hardest time. Marie often barges into Debra's home insinuating how bad a housewife and homemaker she is. Most of Marie's nasty insinuations are aimed at Debra's cooking. However, Marie has always been a world class cook and Debra is notorious for making lousy food. Other than Lemon Chicken (the first dish Debra ever made for Ray), her only other decent dish is braciole, which Ray likes. Though she made one good meal once, it was soon revealed that braciole was the same meal Marie made when Frank proposed, and out of respect for Marie, Debra stopped making braciole. Other things Marie criticizes are Debra's parental skills and housekeeping. Marie often rewashes the kids and spends her days cleaning Debra's house all over again.

Instead of sex, Debra enjoys reading before going to bed. She is also active in the school PTA. In spite of her constant complaining and nagging, Debra really does love her family and yes, even Frank and Marie. Debra defended Ray once when he was "being beat up by the Cookie Lady," Peggy (Amy Aquino). Debra and Marie are known to take each other's sides on many issues as well. Debra is a very caring mother but a critical wife. Debra's maiden name is Whalen.


A governor or governour (archaic) is a governing official, usually the executive (at least nominally, to different degrees also politically and administratively) of a non-sovereign level of government, ranking under the Head of state; furthermore the title applies to officials with a similar mandate as representatives of a chartered company which has been granted exercise of sovereignty, even with its own armed forces, in a colonial area, often both colonizing and exploiting, sometimes a major state within the state, such as the British HEIC or the Dutch VOC.

In federations a governor can be the title of each appointed or (as in the US) elected politician who governs a constitutive state. Most countries in the world have some sort of official known or rendered as "governor," though in some countries the heads of the constitutive states, provinces, communities and regions may have a different title. This is particularly common in European nations and many of their former colonies, with titles such as President of the Regional Council in France and minister-president in Germany. Other countries using different titles for sub-national units include Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

There can also be non-political governors: high ranking officials in private or similar governance such as commercial and non-profit management, styled governor(s), who simply govern an institution, such as a corporation or a bank. For example, in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries there are prison governors ("warden" in the United States), school governors and bank governors.